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Convert Panasonic Lumix GX85/GX80 4K/1080P media to FCP/Premiere Pro/Avid MC

3 Juin 2016 , Rédigé par Juliet Zhu Publié dans #panasonic gx80 4k mp4 to fcp x, #panasonic lumix gx85 to premiere pro, #4k mp4 to mpeg-2 for premiere pro, #work panasonic lumix gx85 videos on mac os x, #panasonic gx85 to avid mc, #panasonic gx80 1080p avchd to avid dnxhd mov for avid mc, #work pa gx85 4k mp4 in avid mc, #best 4k video converter for panasonic gx80, #import panasonic gx80 mts files to premiere pro

To make Panasonic Lumix GX85/GX80 4K/1080P footage compatible with FCP/Premiere/Avid perfectly, the easy option is to convert the GX80/GX85 4K MP4/1080P MTS to FCP/Premiere/Avid more editable format. Here is how. The GX80 / GX85 is a very powerful camera...

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