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5 Best DVD Player for Windows and Mac Review 2017

5 Avril 2017 , Rédigé par Juliet Zhu Publié dans #free dvd player on windows, #free dvd player on mac, #best dvd player for mac 2017, #top 5 best dvd player review 2017, #quicktime media player, #vlc media player for dvd, #handbrake for dvd player, #Mac Media Player for dvd, #Apple DVD Player

This article shows a list and description of top 5 best DVD players that are currently out there that enables you to play DVD movies easily and freely.

Say you have a movie on DVD, but you want to watch it on your phone, tablet, somewhere else. You can “rip” that DVD—or turn it into a movie file on your computer—to play it wherever you want. With so many free and paid video playback services out there, we came up with the Top 5 DVD player software for Windows and Mac that you will find very efficient and useful.

1. QuickTime

QuickTime media player is a free Apple software program that allows users to play media from a variety of sources. QuickTime turns your computer into a DVD player for watching movies without a television. Compatible with both Mac and Windows computers, QuickTime poses few barriers for those who want to use the DVD player feature.

Pros: QuickTime has a slick yet easy to use interface, integrates well with OS X and the PRO version gives you the ability to edit and convert video files.
Cons: Slow while launching, it has been superseded by QuickTime X in Mac, requires regular updating to get maximal use out of it and is suitable for Macs.
Platforms: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later, Windows XP SP2 or later

2. VLC Media Player

VLC media player is the most accepted free and open source DVD player software for playing DVD on both Windows and Mac. VLC is a free multimedia software that is available for download whenever you need it. In order to play DVD with VLC media player you do not need to have any third party software. All you need is to ensure that your computer has a DVD drive that will enable you insert and view your DVD. It also supports a wide range of audio and video formats.

Pros: Great keyboard controls; great video and audio performance; can capture video on webcam.
Cons: Default interface is not cool and savvy; skin options need improvement.
Platforms: Mac OS X, Windows(Windows 8 included)

3. Handbrake

HandBrake is a program that supports not only video converting via file to file but also ripping via DVD or Blu-ray Disc to a file.

Windows, Mac, and Linux users can install HandBrake.

Presets make it easy to rip a video from a disc to a format compatible with a number of devices that run operating systems like iOS and Android.

There are too many advanced features to list here, but some include video filtering, custom subtitles, and video previewing. You can choose to rip any specific title from the source disc as well as certain chapters, a custom crop and quality, and specific audio tracks.

Handbrake 1.0.0 - Download Now

Note: You probably have found out that it's very complex to operate the HandBrake. What's more, HandBrake has no support for encrypted DVDs. So if you are looking for ripping a copy protected DVD much easily and quickly, you're much better off getting a solution like Brorsoft DVD Ripper, which can not only rip just about any DVD, but can convert it into any format you want really easily.

4. Mac Media Player

Mac Media Player could be the best free DVD player for you to enjoy DVD movies. For starters, you need to select it as the default DVD player in Mac. Open CDs & DVDs under Hardware and select ignore for item marked when you insert a video DVD. Insert the DVD into the driver; some DVDs are automatically launched while others will require you to open those using open buttons (Open File or Open Disc). To play a DVD ISO file, select the Open File button, navigate to the location of the file, and press on PLAY button to start playback.

Pros: Mac Media Player is a powerful high def video player with hardware acceleration capabilities.
Cons: Has the potential to use up plenty of system resources.
Platforms: Mac OS X 10.5 to 10.9 for V2.9.2

5. Apple DVD Player

Apple DVD player software is one of the simplest Mac DVD players that you can never afford to miss. It is so simple that all it takes to play your DVD on your Mac after installation is to insert your DVD in your drive and it will play automatically. Furthermore, if the DVD has a menu, Apple DVD Player will automatically put on view the disc's DVD menu screen. On the other hand, you can use your mouse to select your items of choice on the menu. It comes with navigation buttons that enables you to use the DVD Player Controller with a lot of ease. Apple DVD Player supports Mac OS X v10.6 and earlier and earlier versions. It also enables you to turn on or off your DVD subtitles as well as skip chapters. Apple DVD Player comes bundled in Mac machines and it does not come with any cost.

Pros: Comes bundled in Mac machines and is totally free.
Cons: You need to have a built in optical drive or external Apple USB SuperDrive that comes with a DVD Player.
Platforms: Mac OS X 10.5 and above

Well, these DVD ripping programs have some limits like Handbrake can't support copy protected DVDs; some other softwares such as MakeMKV can only output MKV video format; DVDShrink can't support newly released DVDs... If you want to rip all the latest copy-protected DVDs and need HD supporting, subtitle adjustment and more personalized settings from the DVD Ripping software, Brorsoft DVD Ripper (or DVD Ripper for Mac) will be an excellent choice for you.


As DVD RipperAs DVD Copier
A DVD ripper is usually used for copying the audio and video content of a DVD to a file encoded in AVI, MP4, MPEG, WMV or other video formats. The ripped file saves in a hard disk or other media device for further editing, backup, sharing or playback without the need to load a DVD.

Brorsoft has the most powerful crack technology. Both HD DVDs and standard DVDs can be ripped to all popular SD and HD (3D) video formats like 4K/1080P/720P H.264/H.265 MP4MOVMKV, M4V, WMV, FLV, AVI, 3GP,MPEG and more.

Meanwhile Brorsoft DVD Ripper also provides the preset formats for over 175 hot devices (iPadiPhoneAndroid,Surface tabletSamsung GalaxyXbox, PlayStation, NAS, Panasonic/Samsung/Sony/LG Smart TVs/HDTVs/3D TVs). Simply select the profile to rip DVD for playback on your device with optimized settings and never worry about the video incompatibility!
Now that, like all physical things, DVD discs are prone to damage or loss. Then you have to rebuy your movies or go without them – both are a waste of money. Even though you can stream or download your shows directly from the internet, having a physical copy is a good idea. You never know when your favorite show will leave Netflix or Hulu. And you can't always rely on your internet connection to deliver your shows with the same high quality found on physical DVD discs.

If you want to always have access to your media, copy DVD movies by Brorsoft DVD Ripper is the way to go. It allows you to make physical and digital backup copies of your DVD library. It provides two model for you: Copy DVD Main Movie Only or Backup DVD Whole Structure. This is great because it means you'll always have access to the movies you paid for.

P.S. If you also have some Blu-ray, HD videos for conversion to play on your computer or portable devices like iPhone, iPod Touch, Google Nexus 10/7, Kindle Fire HD, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3/4, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Transformer Infinity TF700, etc at the same saving time and effort, the all-in-one iMedia Converter Mac program will be a nice choice for you. If you are running a Windows computer, Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate is the alternative.

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