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Read/Play GoPro 4K/1080P MP4 footage on Xbox One/Xbox 360

1 Août 2016 , Rédigé par Juliet Zhu Publié dans #gopro 4k video to xbox 360, #gopro video to xbox one, #best gopro video converter for xbox one, #play gopro hero 4k video on xbox 360, #xbox 360 unsupport gopro 1080p h.264 mp4, #why can't read gopro video on xbox one, #best video format for xbox 360

The following article just aims to solve how to successfully convert Xbox One/Xbox 360 unsupported GoPro MP4 video for playing 4k/1080p H.264 MP4 from GoPro Hero 4/3/2 on Xbox 360/One.

A GoPro Hero camera produces HD H.264 MPEG-4 (*.mp4) videos, when try to import GoPro 4K MP4 to Xbox One, Xbox One refuse to add MP4 files; when add GoPro 1080P H.264 MP4 to Xbox 360 , Xbox 360 still failed to import. Why?

What video format can be played on Xbox One/Xbox One?

An MP4 file can be played on the Xbox One/Xbox 360 successfully only when the file fully meets these limitations as shown below:

If your GoPro MP4 files does not meet the requirement, your Xbox 360, Xbox One will refuse to open and play. So, how to stream GoPro Hero camera videos to Xbox One, Xbox 360 or other devices on network and make them playable?

Actually, it's easy to get the job done as long as you get Brorsoft Video Converter. This video converter has been proven to be an outstanding MP4 to Xbox One/360 converter. With it, you can convert different MP4 videos to Xbox One/Xbox 360 compatible H.264 MP4, WMV effortlessly. In addition to GoPro Hero MP4 files, this program also allows you to convert all videos in AVI, MKV, MPG, VOB, TiVo, MOV, etc to a decent format as you want. What's more, with the built-in editor, you can trim, crop, adjust special effect to your source video, so that you get the very part and effects at your will. If you are a Mac user, you can turn to Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac (Yosemite, El Capitan included), which has the same function as the Windows version.

Download Video Converter for Xbox One/Xbox 360:

(Note: Click here for OS X 10.5)

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How to convert and play GoPro MP4 files on Xbox One/Xbox 360

STEP 1: Load MP4 files to the converter

Launch Brorsoft Video Converter, and click Add button to import your source materials. Batch conversion is supported so that you can add multiple files for conversion at a time.

STEP 2: Select output format

Click Format > Common Video and set output video format as H.264 Video (*.mp4) or WMV(WMV9) (*.wmv).

Tip: When playing GoPro 4k MP4 on Xbox One/Xbox 360, it supports 10 Mbps with resolutions of 1920 X 1080 at 30 fps. You can click Settings to adjust the video size to get the best quality video.

STEP 3: Start converting GoPro MP4 to Xbox One/Xbox 360

Click the "Convert" button to start and finish the GoPro MP4 to Xbox One/Xbox 360 conversion.

After the conversion, click "Open" button to quickly locate the generated video. Now you can transfer the converted GoPro Hero 4k/1080p MP4 videos to play with Xbox One/Xbox 360 easily.

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