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Easily Enjoy Editing DJI Zenmuse X5/X5R 4k MP4/MOV in Windows Movie Maker

5 Août 2016 , Rédigé par Juliet Zhu Publié dans #dji zenmuse x5 4k mp4 to windows movie maker, #Zenmuse X5-X5R 4k movie maker codec files, #open Zenmuse X5-X5R on windows live movie maker, #editing Zenmuse X5-X5R 4k h.264 files in movie maker, #convert Zenmuse X5-X5R 4k mov to wmv for windows 10

Following provide a step by step guideline of how to edit DJI Zenmuse X5/X5R 4K MOV/MP4 video to 1080p WMV for Windows Movie Maker. Read on !

Many people want to use DJI Zenmuse X5/X5R 4K videos on Windows Movie maker, because Windows Movie Maker makes it easy to import and edit videos, images and music for creating your next video or audio masterpiece. However, it will be a frustrating this if you have problems of import videos files from DJI Zenmuse X5/X5R (4K resolution) MP4/MOV footage to Windows Movie Maker. These are the common problems encountered by many WMM users.

In fact, no matter MP4 or MOV videos recorded from DJI Zenmuse X5/X5R are both incompatible with Windows Movie Maker, as a compressed output format and they are not ideal for editing in most NLEs including Windows Movie Maker. In addition, currently Windows Movie Maker lacks support for 4K videos.

To solve those problems, the quick workaround is to transcode DJI Zenmuse X5/X5R 4K/H.264 MOV/MP4 files to Windows Movie Maker natively supported formats (WMV/AVI are highly recommended) in proper settings.

To convert DJI Zenmuse X5/X5R 4K MP4 files to Movie Maker supported format, you can try Brorsoft Video Converter. With which you can not only rewrap and transcodeZenmuse X5/X5R (4K) MP4/MOV to WMV for Windows Movie Maker, but also convert Zenmuse X5/X5R 4K MOV/MP4 to Apple ProRes Codec for Final Cut Pro, AIC Codec for iMovie and Final Cut Express, MPEG-2 Codec for Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas, etc. Just get the professional DJI Zenmuse X5/X5R 4K Video to Movie Maker Converter and follow the tutorial to convert DJI Zenmuse X5/X5R 4K videos for editing in Windows Movie Maker smoothly.

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Transcode DJI Zenmuse X5/X5R 4K videos for Editing in Windows Movie Maker

Step 1: Run the best DJI Inspire Zenmuse to Windows Movie Maker video covnerter, and then click the "Add" button to load the .mov videos. You can also use the drag-and-drop method to load the media files to the application UI.

Step 2: Hit the Format box and select HD Video > WMV HD(*.wmv) on the dropdown menu as output format. Besides, you can also choose Divx HD(*.avi) as output if you have not installed the .wmv codec.

Tip: Click the Settings icon to adjust video and audio parameters on the Profile Setting as you need to get the best quality video. For editing 4K videos in Windows Movie Maker flawlessly, we recommend you to downscale 4K to 1080p.

Step 3: Click the "Convert" icon under the preview window, and the DJI Zenmuse X5/X5R to Windows Movie Maker Converter will start transcode DJI Zenmuse X5/X5R 4k videos to WMV files for Windows Movie Maker on Windows(Windows 10 included).

After the conversion, click "Open" to locate the result videos and then you can import the converted DJI Zenmuse X5/X5R video files to Windows Movie Maker for editing via its "Import video" option. Enjoy.

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