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Make Sony A6300 4K XAVC S files Accepted by Avid Media Composer 4/5/6/7

14 Avril 2016 , Rédigé par Juliet Zhu Publié dans #sony a6300 to avid mc, #sony a6300 4k footages edit in avid mc, #work sony a6300 with avid media composer, #using sony a6300 4k xavc s files in avid mc, #convert sony a6300 4k xavc s to dnxhd mov, #import sony a6300 xavc s to avid media composer, #best workflows for sony a6300 and avid media composer, #edit sony a6300 xavc s in avid mc

Since there are users complained that Avid Media Composer doesn’t natively import or AMA link A6300 XAVC S files, I will show a workaround in this page. Just learn the Sony A6300 XAVC S to Avid MC workflow.

Sony took the wraps off their latest consumer camera, the a6300. The successor to the excellent a6000 brings most of the high end video features of the a7 series and places them into an consumer level APS-C sensor body. The camera records 4K internally using the XAVC-S codec and it does this using a Super35 section of the sensor with a full pixel readout, without any pixel binning. Like the a7S II and a7R II is records to SD card at 100 Mbps in 4K. There is also HD shooting at 50 Mbps.

However, XAVC-S has been designed as a partner compression codec to XAVC with a more tightly compressed video signal. The XAVC-S codec uses the .MP4 file wrapper defined by MPEG-4 Part 14 for its 4K, HD and proxy files. Although Sony have created a special AMA plug-in for AVID (PDZK-MA2), providing support for XAVC files in Avid Media Composer, it can't work sometimes. Via Google searching, you can find lots of issues about XAVC S codec in Avid MC.

"I'm looking for some tips regarding post workflow and getting XAVC S media into Avid Media Composer. There are a few issues when it comes to view, load and edit XAVC S in Avid MC from Sony A6300. How to solve it?"

To avoid these problems or limit, it will be better to transcode Sony XAVC S to a more "edit" friendly codec. Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac is highly recommended here. The program is an easy-to-use yet professional Sony XAVC S Converter for Avid Media Composer. It's able to convert XAVC S files from Sony A6300 to Avid more compatible format DNxHD video. With it, you may also encode XAVC S to Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie and more NLE programs highly compatible formats for editing. Besides, it might help you change XAVC S to other frequent formats like XAVC S to MOV, FLV, MP4, AVI, etc. If meet the XAVC S codec issues on Windows PC, please get Brorsoft Video Converter to solve the problem. Download it and follow the guide to convert Sony A6300 4K XAVC S files to DNxHD.

Download the Sony XAVC S Converter Mac

(Note: Click here for OS X 10.5)

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Convert and Import Sony a6300 XAVC S to Avid Media Composer

Step 1. Launch the XAVC S converter program and click the "Add" button to load Sony A6300 xavc-s files for converting.

Step 2. Click Format on the main interface and choose Avid Media Composer > Avid DNxHD(*.mov) as output format.

Tip: This XAVC S to DNxHD converter allows you to adjust the video and audio settings. Click “Settings” icon to set video resolution, bitrate, frame rate as you like.

Step 3. After above settings, hit “Convert” button to start transcoding Sony A6300 XAVC S to DNxHD for directly importing to Avid Media Composer.

After a quick conversion, you can click the Open icon to locate the converted DNxHD MOV files. Now import your new DNxHD files into Avid Media Composer 4/5/6/7 to start your editing workflow.

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